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The Shining Through Centre and registered private school has established its two locations in beautifully appointed, completely refurbished century-mansions within the limits of the GTA. Our centres provide high quality intensive behavioural programming in small group and one to one instruction. Shining Through Centre and registered private school would be an optimal learning environment for school aged learners with ASD that may be struggling with a regular education placement.

We would be happy to take you on a tour of our centres and discuss the various options we can offer! Come in, meet our staff and our learners. To arrange a tour, please contact us.

Our centre-based program is overseen by experienced Board Certified Clinicians.

The centres offer:

  • Full and half day programming, year-round, tailored to the developmental needs of the child
  • Individual therapy as well as therapeutically goal-oriented group and social instruction
  • Consistency of staffing and programming, as well as a robust supervision and training
  • Opportunities for children to interact socially with each other, in a supervised, developmentally-useful program
  • Therapeutically-focused parent training, both on site at one of our centres and in the home, ensuring that successful intervention strategies are carried through in each of the child’s primary environments
  • For students in or graduating to the public or private school systems, Shining Through offers preschool integration as well as tailored transition-to-school programs

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the only intervention that has been scientifically proven to generate observable, measurable and lasting progress in children with autism. Studies to-date demonstrate that the majority of children with autism in intensive and well-supervised Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs have made appreciable gains in important developmental areas.

Learn to Live program

The Learning to Live Program was created with the goal of demonstrating that adolescents and adults with ASDs CAN learn and move towards independence and successful inclusion in the community.
Each individual's goals are created to develop the specific skills that will enable community living in the least restrictive environment possible, and to promote independence, community integration, and individuality.

Target skills are designed to provide each individual with the opportunity to acquire and advance skills in the areas of:

• self-advocacy
• communication
• mobility/transportation
• community-based living
• self-care
• General Health/lifestyle
• job skills/vocational training
• personal resource management
• community/social participation
• executive functioning/Planning & Time management

Streetsville Academy and Private School

Shining Through Centre is excited to announce our School Based Program in Mississauga. In partnership with Streetsville Academy and Private School we are offering IBI/ABA programs within an inclusive school setting. Many opportunities to be included in daily routines and activities will be available with formal inclusion into the regular classrooms available.

Streetsville is a registered private school servicing children 12 months to grade 3 for 20 years. They offer a safe and caring environment for learning and fun. Shining Through now has a dedicated classroom within this building and will work side by side with the Streetsville team to facilitate inclusion for our learners.

What we offer:

• Tailored programs to meet individual needs

• One-to-one instruction by highly trained and supervised staff

• Focus on group learning and socialization to increase school readiness skills

• Integration and inclusion

• Parent education and training

In collaboration with the amazing staff at Streetsville, Shining Through has offered this unique program for learners with autism since September 2012.

Our learners will be enrolled in the IBI/ABA program and have opportunities for integration throughout their day. The focus will be to develop the readiness skills needed to increase time spent in a mainstream classroom. In this bright and enriched environment, every learner will have an oppotunity to participate in some way within this integrated learning setting.

If you are interested in touring the centre and speaking with us further please contact us today!

For more information, please contact us at 905-851-7955 or visit http://www.sccacademy.com/Shining-Through-IBI-Program.html


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