Our Board

The Board of Directors at Shining Through is made of nine (9) members, four of which are drawn from the Centre’s direct client pool. Potential directors are reviewed and interviewed by the Board Selection Committee and successful interviews are then placed on a nomination list to be discussed and elected by the greater Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Board members are elected by the members of the corporation, and take on a two year term. The Board of Shining Through is devoted to setting the strategic direction of the Centre while maintaining a level of third party oversight. Its fundamental values are focused on inclusiveness, diversity, and integrity, while striving for world class service and innovation in the struggle to solve the problem of autism.

The Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 term:

  • President: Mr. Fred Santini
  • Vice-President: Mr. John Di Massimo
  • Treasurer: Mr. Cesare Pandolfi
  • Secretary: Mr. Joseph Trozzo
  • Director-at-Large Ms. Rosa Malta
  • Director-at-Large Mr. John DeBartolo
  • Director-at-Large: Mr. Arpiar Sakarya
  • Director-at-Large: Mr. Umberta Martini
  • Director-at-Large: Mr. Val Girardi