A Miracle at Shining Through - Cade's Story

Cade is a former student at Shining Through Centre and we have just received the most wonderful and amazing news from his parents!
Here is the story told in his mother's own words:

James and I wanted to share with you some very exciting and optimistic news, but I must first give you the information leading to it.

Cade went to see his psychologist on Thursday. This doctor gave him the diagnosis of moderate to severe autism (non-verbal, low-functioning) nine years ago, and had followed Cade's progress for four years after that. Yesterday was the first visit since then, which was about five years ago. A lot has happened as far as Cade's growth and development thanks to the people who surround him every day, and who have worked with him in the past during his most challenging times.

Here's the great news, after Cade had completed the first phase of testing, the psychologist, Dr. Sibian, informed me that he felt very strongly that Cade is no longer autistic! With further testing that is scheduled for next week, he will confirm that Cade has advanced to Asperger's Syndrome.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Shining Through, from our hearts, for all the dedication, compassion and care you display every day towards your students. We are so grateful for the way you contributed to Cade's to amazing successes.

The Malaniak Family

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