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The staff, children and families of the Shining Through Centre for children with autism thank these wonderful people from the bottom of our hearts. We could never continue to provide services to children with autism without their help and generosity.

St. Louis Bar & Grill - Milestone Supporter


St. Louis Bar & Grill raises $100,000 for STC through their annual puzzle piece fundraising campaign!

Brent and Sue Poulton, and the entire St. Louis Bar and Grill Family.

St. Louis Bar & Grill has raised $370,000.00 for the Shining Through Centre for children with autism since 2001. This past October (2013), St. Louis Bar & Grill raised $100,000 through their annual fundraising campaign. We thank all those who supported STC and bought puzzle pieces at the St. Louis.

Words of gratitude from one of Shining Through's founding fathers

It is my pleasure as one of the foundering fathers of Shining Through to acknowledge and honour the tremendous financial and moral support of our most generous donor, Brent and Sue Poulton, their company, St. Louis Bar & Grill, and their 29 franchise owners & locations throughout Ontario. It was back in 2001 when our the centre was organizing it's first fundraising gala that I happened to visit one of the St. Louis Bar & Grill locations in Richmond Hill soliciting a small $20 gift certificate to auction. The locations manager said the franchise owner Brent Poulton was very passionate about helping children's charities and was looking to adopt one that he could help. He did, in ways beyond our imagination. After a short introduction, Brent and the entire St. Louis family embraced our children and centre, and we've been grateful everyday since.
We are very proud to announce Brent & Sue Poulton and the St. Louis Bar & Grill franchise owners, managers, staff and wonderful customers have donated, through golf and baseball tournaments, in-store fundraisers and donations right out of the Poulton's own pockets an amazing sum of $370,000. That money along with their support has been used to fund a new roof, computers, fencing to keep the kids safe, staff training and everything else that has made Shining Through one of the finest therapy centres for children with autism in Canada, if not the world. We have grown to provide vitally needed therapy from the original 6 children to now over 40 and we simply couldn't have done it without their support.

Thank you from Philip, Matthew, Anthony, Josh, Noah, Nathan, Monica, Pinter, Julian and all the other children at the centre who's lives have changed because of St. Louis Bar & Grill's generosity,

Ted Leider

Video: St. Louis Bar and Grill raises $100,000.00 for Shining Through






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