Autism Resources

Books and manuals

  • The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (The ABLLS)
    James W. Partington and Mark L. Sundberg

  • Teaching Language to Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities
    Mark L. Sundberg and James W. Partington

  • Educate Towards Recovery: Turning the Tables on Autism
    Robert Schramm

  • Making a Difference: Behavioral Intervention for Autism
    Catherine Maurice, Catherine Maruce, Gina Green, Richard M. Foxx

  • Behavioral Intervention for Young Children With Autism: A Manual for Parents and Professionals
    Catherine Maurice, Gina Green, Stephen C. Luce


  • Safe and gentle chiropractic care for the whole family: see a chiropractor? To Relieve back pain, neck pain, and headaches? Yes, it is true chiropractic care can help relieve these symptoms, but chiropractic is also about so much more. Our body is controlled by our brain and nervous system; it controls every organ, every muscle and every cell in our body. Our spine protects our nervous system and spinal cord. When bones shift out of proper alignment our normal nerve flow and brain-body connection is interrupted. This interruption can be silent and cause problems long before the first symptoms manifest. Chiropractors correct the misalignments in the spine, restoring normal communication between the brain and the body, allowing us to function at 100%. This means improved digestive function, immune function, ability to concentrate, coordination, and overall quality of life. At Vibrant Life Chiropractic we've dedicated our lives to helping children and families maximize their function and reach their full potential. For more information about how to transform your family's health contact us at:

    Vibrant Life Chiropractic
    ~Safe and gentle care for the whole family~
    21 Roysun Rd, Unit 16, Woodbridge, ON L4L8R3
    (905) 266-0779
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