About Us

The Shining Through Centre for Children with Autism, a not-for-profit charitable organization, is a recognized leader in the field of autism, providing service excellence in therapy, education, research, and awareness to affected children and their families. Through our work, we provide intensive, comprehensive, and individualized therapeutic and educational programs to each of our children, based on the recognized principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). ABA is the only scientifically-validated mode of engagement with children who have Autism that has been demonstrated to produce long-term and permanent learning.

At Shining Through, all of our staff members are specialists in therapy and education to children with autism, supervised by an expert management team of accredited and recognized industry leaders, and managed in conjunction with post-secondary institutions and Board certified psychologists. Our aim is to provide the highest quality therapeutic interactions to our children, and as such, pursue an aggressive mandate to keep our team on the cutting edge of therapeutic and educational excellence.

Most importantly, we believe that every child affected by autism deserves a clear and impactful opportunity to learn the social, emotional, cognitive, and logistical skills required to lead a fulfilling and self-assured life. To that end, we take a personal and nurturing approach to interacting with each of our children to ensure that maximum individual development can take place, all within a warm, welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment. Social breakthroughs, increased communication, and the forming of cognitive and affective associations: these are the miracles that we make happen every day at the Shining Through Centre.

At Shining Through, our objectives are clear.

We sincerely strive to:

  1. Maximize the potential of all children with autism by providing educational and therapeutic interactions, based on the recognized principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, with the goal of developing within each of our children the skills they require to grow at optimal rates and acquire the skills they need for a fulfilling future
  2. Provide the families of our children with the effective skills, resources, and strategies they need that help them better understand, relate to, and educate their children with autism, as well as cope with the considerable challenges of raising these children
  3. Be a leading community learning resource and facility – providing instruction, consulting, therapy and educational advice, and cutting edge research to families, educators, and other corporate entities and partners that work in the field of autism

Thus, our mission is simple: To enhance the lives of all those affected by autism.